Beach Booty Lift | Nonsurgical BBL


Exclusively ours! The Beach Booty Lift is our version of a nonsurgical butt lift. This treatment helps you reach your #BODYGOALS for lifted, toned, and smooth buttocks with no surgery and no downtime!

Our nonsurgical butt lift, or BBL, combines the benefits of three popular treatments: CoolSculpting ELITE Noninvasive Fat Reduction, CoolTone Muscle Tightening, and Qwo Cellulite Treatment. We start with a CoolSculpting ELITE procedure to reduce stubborn fat in the “banana roll” (just under the buttocks). With this treatment, we can eliminate stubborn fat by up to 25% in the treated area. Then, our CoolTone specialists tone and tighten your glutes for stronger, firmer muscles, creating a lifted effect. Finally, our master injectors perform a series of Qwo cellulite treatments to smooth away dimpled skin.

Plus, our Beach Booty Lift can also be combined with Sculptra to enhance results and give you an augmentation with the lift. Complimentary cosmetic consultation recommended.


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