Botox or Xeomin

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The classic treatment for smoothing lines and wrinkles, including frown lines, forehead lines, and crow’s feet. Relaxers also can treat platysmal bands, migraines, and TMJ, gummy smiles, and soften the jawline. Price based on per unit.


8 reviews for Botox or Xeomin

  1. Joy Reese

    True professionals, I would only let a facial surgeon do my fillers and both Dr Clevens and Dr Khelemsky are amazing.

  2. TH

    Botox has never failed me in Dr. Khelemsky’s hands. Every woman needs a little Botox in their life.

  3. Karen Carole Rose

    Dr. Khelemsky’s always a treasure to have do my botox and it lasts a long time.

  4. Jackie

    Dr. Khelemsky always does an excellent job with all procedures.

  5. Carol L Walter

    Dr. Ibrahim is amazing! He works with the patient to understand her needs and has such an amazingly light touch with the injections. Thank you Dr. Ibrahim!!

  6. Wilson-Zacke, Rosanne

    Dr. Khelmsky is the best. She does a perfect job considering she got me yo work on!!!
    Will be back for fillers and Botox.

  7. Sherry Brazee

    I have only gone one time for Botox. Perfection is truly what I experienced.

  8. Kirsty

    Dr Clevens does an amazing job of Botox and filler. I always feel 150% when I leave there. Wouldn’t trust any other surgeon!

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