All Fillers (excludes Bellafill)

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A powerful tool for facial rejuvenation, fillers can replenish volume, plump lips and cheeks, minimize deep smile lines, and contour your jawline.

NOTE: Other quantities available. Call 321.727.3223 for details.

3 reviews for All Fillers (excludes Bellafill)

  1. SB

    I had the best experience ever getting lip filler with Dr. Khelemsky. Her cannula technique is amazing…no pain and my lips are beautiful.

  2. KH

    I have had filler several time with Dr. Khelemsky over the past year and I have never been disappointed. I have had my lips done with cannula and will never go back to an injector who does needle technique. I most recently had filler to my chin, which was a GAME CHANGER! I was told “chins are in”, and man is that the truth. It is amazing what Dr. Khelemsky can do with filler!….Not to mention her bedside manner is wonderful. I see a chin implant in my near future with her.

  3. jane speidel

    I depend upon Dr. Khelemsky and fillers in my life! Thanks for her skills and the product!

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