NEW! Ellacor Nonsurgical Skin Removal


Introducing Ellacor — the first and only FDA-cleared cosmetic procedure to remove excess, sagging skin without surgery! Using an innovative micro-coring technology, Ellacor is the treatment of choice for patients who want to address signs of facial aging. In fact, 90% of patients saw improvement in moderate to severe wrinkles following this award-winning treatment. A consultation with one of our specialists is recommended to determine if you are a candidate.

Choose from two treatment options:
• Lower Face, Jowls & Jawline
• Lower Face, Jowls & Jawline PLUS Neck

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During the Ellacor procedure, your specialist will apply numbing medicine for your comfort. Then, your provider will precisely move the handpiece over the treatment area, as hollow needles remove micro-cores of excess skin triggering your skin’s natural healing response. Your skin realigns to close the cores, removing the excess skin and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The treatment is performed in-office and takes about 30 minutes. You’ll notice results about one month after the procedure, and your outcome will continue to improve for up to six months.

Patients typically achieve their desired result after 1-2 treatments with Ellacor, and the procedure also is an ideal maintenance treatment following facelift surgery.

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